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September 30, 2008

a popular candy here that tastes like perfume. yum!

eggs are kept at room temp on the shelves. and when you get home, they go in the cupboard.

ok, limes arent gross but the price is! a kg is approx 2.2lbs for $25… now what am i going to garnish my ….

already mixed cans of johnie walker black ad cola. thats how a lot of liquor is. you can leave the grocery store with a six pack of wild turkey and coke. way easier to keep in the cup holder of your front seat!


September 29, 2008

the war on terrorism spreads over each hemisphere. saw this guy riding his scooter in bali…

in case you cant see, it says FUCK “U” TERORIS…. sweet.

then, last night!, a commercial for a ringtone that says “shut up! ill kill you!” all you have to do is text the word “dead” to the number below. its only a $9 a week subscription with an extra $3 charge. i know what my friends are getting for xmas.

Oh My God (mother)!

September 28, 2008

this weekend was lovely. cafe, the mckennas farm, ordering in, then going out with daves friends on saturday night. they schooled me on the “proper” pronunciations of words such as parmeSan ( i say my italian words like giada de laurentis on food network- she should know, even if she does resemble a praying mantis and refuses to put her boobs away) and buoy ( they say its boy….then why the is there an extra Y there huh? huh?) his friends own this place The George and i look forward to having many a more pints there over the next 10 days.

rolling out of bed tired on sunday (sat night might have been the first time ive been up past 1am since ive been in this hemisphere) we headed to mass and Naima’s christening. check out this cuteness….

<—no, i did not bring in CJ to light the service. that baby just actually shines at all times. weird.

apparently as godmother i am responsible for the religious guidance in the formative years of naima’s life. ummm. yeah, i just thought i got to take her for her first drink and maybe send her to the ball in a pumpkin carriage if needed. ill try my best!

i made cupcakes for the post church lunch at cec’s folks.

then dove into those motha f*ckas like joey chestnut on independance day.

new obsession

September 26, 2008

1) this little lady named Luca Juliet

** dave and i just went thrifting and brought her back this little number. to which she replied “this is awful. all the sparkles and swishy. its a disaster” this is a 3 year old folks.

2) violet crumbles!

my new favorite candy. they are airy inside and there tag is “its the way it shatters that matters.” made from adding baking soda to caramel , i will definately make the worlds largest when i get home to get on

maegan hayward shout out!

September 25, 2008

(yep, ash, thats the new tattoo. a frenchman’s moustache. i thought about praying hands on my chest or a rosary around my ankle- but i am neither religious nor nicole richie)

my pants dont fit

September 25, 2008

my bro, dave, and i got up super early, had our coffee, and were on the train to melbourne by 8:15am. once there we plopped ourselves down at a cafe each eating a paul bunyan sized breakfast– fueling up for shopping. he took all me around. here is the train station

the architecture and the people here so nice. honest too! someone dropped their change purse and no one even took it.

we walked by the convention center where a morning show was filming and teens were gathered around a stage. i wanted to stick around and see who it was performng- dave said “its probably an old fourth runner up from australian idol”. an announcer gets on and starts working the crowd for none other than ricki lee! i ask dave who that is “yep. thats an old fourth runner up on aussie idol”. being as dave is apparently psychic, we should have went straight to the store to get a lottery ticket but instead we got a rooftop beer at a place called blonde bimbo. popped into a music store and i got myself a bday gift. check it out…

a flying V ukelele!!!! fuck yeah. and of course its pink, i couldnt have it clashing with my cowboy boots.

from there we ate lunch at little creatures brewery. tasty pizza and pale ales.

<– it looks like dave just found a scroll with some juicy gossip.

from there we visited daves friends new place, ate even more food at “spicy fish” in melbournes china town, and headed back home on the train. ahhh good day. the only sibling rivalry here was who could make them selves physically uncomfortable from gluttony… it was a hart kid tie!

im here! and 25!

September 22, 2008

after 10 hours of flying and a four hour layover in kuala lumpur, maylasia- i finally landed in melbourne. only to discover that i gave my bro the wrong date and he spent the previous morning at the airport for four hours waiting for me. woops! (i knew karma would come around for those 6 hour drives from nc to atlanta where he would use my fragile 10 year old wrist and fist as a microphone the whole way).

my day was spent catching up on sleep, on kisses from the nieces, pizza!, cupcakes, and a beautiful new birthday necklace.

oh and im officially a quarter of a century. ouch.

sisterhood of the traveling aunts.

September 22, 2008

my last day in bali i spent hanging out with my aussie sis, ellie. technically she is my brother’s wife’s sister so we share aunt duties. AND she moved from Oz to Bali during my visit!

the day went lunch/facials/mojitos/last dip in the ocean at sunset/fish cookout at her and her new man, yoyo’s, place.

goodbye bali, ill sure miss ya and all the folks here . heading to down unda!

lets not make this awkard.

September 22, 2008

erika and i got spa packages on her last day in bali. everything was cool. massages were great even tho half the time im tense from not giggling from how bad everything tickles. our classic bali scrub made us look like the simpsons- thats cool. but then they stick us in a bath filled with flower petals… together. we immediately turned into 5 year old girls who couldnt stop laughing. did they think we were together? have they had to cut their cost in petals? all i know is the one time they peeked in on us i happened to be splashing her with water and saying “happy honeymoon honey!” woops.

totally Xtreme!

September 19, 2008

picked up at 8 am to go white water rafting. something that erika has always wanted to do…

my competitive side kicked in and i wanted to be the first raft down the river. seeing as our guide spoke barely any english (instead of saying “hold on, here comes a rock!” he simply yelled “boom boom!) i decided to shout out our paddle forwards and hard paddle left, etc. i felt like the girl in the back of the row boat with the headset on inspiring the team to keep rowing- apparently these girls also receive a medals in the olympics which may be my only chance at gold…

and we looked good afterwards!

from there erika did something else that she has always wanted to. bungeed jumped 45 meters at sunset!