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while researching feminists..

July 28, 2009

i stumbled upon the fact that Eugene Mirman could pull off Betty Friedan in a biopic.



Perhaps he could star ina movie where he goes in drag as Mrs. Friedan’s grandaughter to head the 3rd wave of feminism until all is revealed but he still made strides in equailty and we see reverse sexism. it will be entitled “The Feminist Mistake”. get it?

*Betty Friedan wrote The Feminist Mystique. God, you guys..

^v^BOF! AT UCB! AUG 6TH!^v^

July 28, 2009


><><>< 6:30!   $5!><><>><><>

bitch please.

July 28, 2009


no, baby, i AM putting you in the corner.

July 28, 2009

because you are a disgrace.


baby hippos are SO much cuter than babies dressed as hippos.


even their moms are cuter with their crazy ass teeth. no, baby dressed as hippo, dont.

why? why do you have to bring you washed up ballerina stage mom into this? dont you knowshes living vicariously thru you? quite frankly its sick.


things i want to do in august

July 27, 2009


a day trip to the magical Spa Castle in Queens


River Tubing on the Delaware


finally get home to NC after a year and go on a cheesy wine tour of my county.


July 26, 2009

ok, i am pathetic. i just googled “which babysitters club member are you? quiz” and, eureka!, i found one. i checked out the five question and they are all pretty obvious. what do you do in your free time?

If you said, shoot up some insulin. you are gunning for Stacey.


If you said, curl up with a good book cause i’m kind of the loser club member. your clearly gonna be a Mallory.


But this set of question stumped me.

How would you describe your dating life?

1)My friends call me boy-crazy

2)I’m in a long-term relationship with my girlfriend

3)I’ve dated some but I’ve never really had anything serious

4)I love my boyfriend, he’s the best

5)I was really interested in someone, but distance forced us apart

6)Non-existent for the time being I dated a guy once, but boys are still too immature for me

7) I’m sort of casually dating this guy…

8) I’ve had a couple of serious boyfriends with a few flings here and there

ummmm. look at the second choice. did i stop reading the series for 15 years and Kristy came out of the closet???


thats crazy. no one saw it coming. well,, except everyone.

(poor Bart)

get thee to the huckleberry bar

July 26, 2009

thursday night i had the pleasure of hanging out with my lovely friend and brilliant playwright,  bekah brunstetter,


(doesnt she look fun?!)

at my new favorite place, huckleberry bar. we drank slow gin fizzes and fancy cocktails and both rambled on about our futures and presents and how we were both rambling on. this place is adorable. we ate pickled things and, yall, i got two words for you…. boiled peanuts.


lady dates are the bomb.

Engagement Page

July 23, 2009

oh snap! its a clip from Cudzoo’s last show!

Voulez vous coucher avec moi potage?

July 23, 2009

“SANTA ANA, Calif. – A man has sued a local Claim Jumper restaurant claiming he ordered French onion soup and bit into a condom instead of melted cheese.”

Now some might say there is a total perv working in the kitchen and curse his name. but i commend you   Claim Jumper chef! he had the smarts to wear a rubber.  cause we all know french onion soups are whores.


BOF on Lady Gaga

July 22, 2009