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Eyez gotta have it.

June 29, 2010

I love it so much that I would wait at least 4 days before losing and or breaking it.

Do ya’ll remember when I was obsessed with teacup piglets?

June 29, 2010

Good. I’m glad your memory dates back to RIGHT THE F NOW!


June 21, 2010

Wait a sec, this isn’t Vanilla Sky 2?

Pardon me, I have to go call Fandango.

“This isn’t America’s Next Top Best Cupcake Friend”.

June 21, 2010

Sunday nights watching Food Network and drinking red wine is my jam. It’s not a regular routine but when the stars align and it actually happens, I am a happy Mamie. Don’t judge me!* And now they have a new competition show “Cupcake Wars”. These cupcakes below aren’t from the show but I love them. ANYWAY… basically I wanted to use this post as a competition. The first person to respond in the comments who I am making fun of in this made up quote title of this blog, gets a prize!

*By glass 3 it really sets in how ridiculous an evening this is and I begin to analyze my life/existence. Sunday Fundays!

I feel loved.

June 18, 2010

This week I got two amazing gifts from two amazing ladies.

My girl Crystal gave me one of these incredible antique figurines of conjoined twins Chang & Eng.

Never heard of them? They are the brothers that coined the phrase “Siamese” twins. And the settled in Mt. Airy, NC (right by my hometown) where they lived a normal life of marrying and spending three nights at a time in each house/wife. Do yourself a fav and wiki wiki pedi it.

Also, Maegan, gave me one half of this bad ass necklace. I have yet to take it off.


June 18, 2010

My Celebrity Funeral: SJP edition was awesome. Packed to the gills and full of thrills.

You scream, I scream, but mainly Ice Cream Injustice!

June 18, 2010

On hot summer days like these, I think back to my favorite summer treats from the ice cream truck. For 8 summers I spent my time on the set of “In the Heat of the Night” in hot as hell Covington, Georgia. I’d bop around between begging the make up artists to give me a make over to sneaking into the court room set (also seen in “My Cousin Vinny”!) and holding a mock trial. But the greatest part of each day was when the ice cream guy would stop at the lot. I’d always get one of those baseball mitts with the bubblegum baseball on it or perhaps one of these…

maybe a big Great White or a ….

The ice cream bill was always just put on the ITHoftheN tab so I raped the system, always having a 4pm tummy ache. Until one day, the ice cream truck let us know that they were limiting us kids to only one choice a day each. So I did what any 10 year old would do, I ordered a baseball glove then said I was told to also get a Teenage Mutant Ninja bar for Carol O’Connor. (are you reading this dad?). Of course the ice cream truck guy didn’t believe me, but would you risk refusing Archie Bunker a frozen treat because you doubted a child? I wouldn’t. And my gluttony persevered!


June 16, 2010

Join me and an all star cast of friends and costars to honor and lay SJP to rest.

Services will be held at 9:30 at Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC.

Just so damn proud.

June 14, 2010

As you probably know, my boyfriends movie opened this past weekend. It was only in NYC and L.A. but is making it’s way across to 120 cities. Get your ass to see it. Here’s the trailer!

I tell you what. This thing is a fun ride. A few weeks ago I went to the fanciest party I have every attended that famous designer Elie Tahari threw for the movie in his home. This was his two story roof. Ya know, no biggie.

Huge apartment. Tiny burgers…

(this is Charles, Seth’s BFF and director of photography on the movie, and Ricki Stern, the director)

Then here’s last wednesday when NewFest and Grand Marnier threw it a party at the Cedar Lake Ballet.

This past friday, Maegan, my CUDZOO gals, and I all rocked the jewelry Joan has given me over the past few months, watched the premiere, then went to the after party and drank too much belgian beer.

Found out today that we will be going with the movie to a resort in Sedona in August. We go to Tampa next week for the opening. And one of my bar regulars just bought me a round trip ticket to prague, leaving on my birthday. Life, I want to make out with you so hard.


June 11, 2010

Look at this puddin.

Isn’t it the future yet? Where the F is my hovering skateboard and teleportation device so I can bop over to Australia for the afternoon and hang out with Indigo?!?