Just so damn proud.

As you probably know, my boyfriends movie opened this past weekend. It was only in NYC and L.A. but is making it’s way across to 120 cities. Get your ass to see it. Here’s the trailer!

I tell you what. This thing is a fun ride. A few weeks ago I went to the fanciest party I have every attended that famous designer Elie Tahari threw for the movie in his home. This was his two story roof. Ya know, no biggie.

Huge apartment. Tiny burgers…

(this is Charles, Seth’s BFF and director of photography on the movie, and Ricki Stern, the director)

Then here’s last wednesday when NewFest and Grand Marnier threw it a party at the Cedar Lake Ballet.

This past friday, Maegan, my CUDZOO gals, and I all rocked the jewelry Joan has given me over the past few months, watched the premiere, then went to the after party and drank too much belgian beer.

Found out today that we will be going with the movie to a resort in Sedona in August. We go to Tampa next week for the opening. And one of my bar regulars just bought me a round trip ticket to prague, leaving on my birthday. Life, I want to make out with you so hard.

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