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i love these women

January 29, 2009

i get to be in a band with the most awesome folks including these two hotties, Ebomb and J-Train.


we are a girl fronted dirty doo wop group called Cudzoo ( and will be playing a lot of shows and recording an album over the next few months.

anywho, it was this weeks rehearsal that i had one of those moments… someone referenced a cartoon from my childhood which i thought i had  made up. for me it Denver the Last Dinosaur, the skateboarding dino stuck in the 80’s.


upon my excitement, erin shared that for a long tme she thought that she had imagined David the Gnome


and then i really missed the 80’s.

did not leave the house today…

January 29, 2009

its slushy out and i woke up with my throat half closed. SO! i cleaned my entire apartment  and rested my voice.

put up my favorite christmas treats: my huge velvet elvis (thanks mamaw!)


and hung up my dolly plate (thanks maegan!)


then settled on the couch for some Top Chef viewing and eskimo kissing with a mug full of hot rum cider.


cue the xylophone music..

January 28, 2009

cause i officially need an intervention. im NUTS for NUTS!


ive been on the go so much that these carmelized concoctions (i prefer classic peanuts) have become a staple of my diet. sometimes complete meals. i need all of you to coax me into a hotel room, write letters about how much you love me, and why i should stop using.

now im off to go get me a bag…

never break the, never break the (hotel) chain.

January 23, 2009

silly hotels and their recession cutbacks. according to “The Courtyard and other Marriott chains recently stopped putting hand lotion in their rooms, leaving guests to ask for it at the front desk. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts are putting fewer towels in rooms.”


are they not aware that this will inevitably cause a plummet in their adult film purchases? this will actually cost them money.

come on Paris, talk some sense into this idiots.

i believe i can fly..

January 22, 2009

a group ot MIT students believe that their carplane, the Transition, could be in skies at early as this year. the key is its wings fold in from a push of a button making the “transition” from skies to the BQE and fitting into a standard american garage. as one lady in the video says, the problem with previous models was “you had to  buldge and debuldge, which is now controlled from the cockpit”. grammatically this is not perverted at all, but it still made me chuckle.

being as a i live in brooklyn and do not see getting my pilots license in the foreseeable future, why am i so pumped about this invention you might ask? its simple, it means we are one step closer to these..


flying skateboards! i have coveted these since back the the future 2 came out in 1989. b’scuse me, but is it not the future already?!? with MTA prices skyrocketing, i need a hoverboard and i need it fast.

the high today is 23 degrees

January 17, 2009


the perfect weather, the views, the smiles, the peanut sauce…. lord bring me back to bali.

damn resolutions

January 14, 2009


real chance of love finale!

January 14, 2009

it arrived… the Real Chance of Love finaly on VH1. I’ll admit, i didnt really get into this show till about half way through the season but leave it to vh1 to conveniently replay shows over and over to let me catch up (second only to Bravo!)

Chance, being the playa that he is, decided to keep it real and not choose either Cali or Risky because he didnt fall for either of him. Good for you Chance. And by good for you I mean congrats on just scoring yourself another season of this show!

Ok, now on to my favorite Stallionaire Real. Those silky locks, that bark, that overbite.. love him.


And he picked my favorite gal, Corn Fed! i have a soft spot in my heart for an accented sweet white chick among some tough bitches (maybe it is my history of being the only white girl on my high school step team. yes, i still know the whole routine, just buy me a drink).


Plus,  Bay Bay Bay, an aspiring lawyer, just got on my nerves. Her girl fight banter was the only thing more redundant than her name. Plus, girl looks like a praying mantis. Female praying mantis are known to bite the heads off the male after mating when put in a labratory setting. I would call a reality show a lab experiment. So for Real’s head safety, Corn Fed is his girl. Could you imagine the hair ball Bay Bay Bay would be coughin up?!

apparently this isnt a comedy…

January 12, 2009


i havent been this dissapointed in Toni Collette since this movie came out.


which also posed as a comedy.

my Biggest Loser bet

January 8, 2009

my advice to everyone is to go to and place a bet on contestant shanon thomas to sweep the competition. she was arrested for domestic violence after “kicking open the door” to her neighbor’s apt after being annoyed at his tv volume level. she proceeded to throw flour in his face and damage some of his personal property with the flour. thomas is facing up to 3 months in jail.


SO, clearly she is doing her exercise at home (kicking open doors), baking for herself instead of going out to eat (possession of flour), and if convicted.. jail food sucks. she’ll basically be anoroexic for the next three months. just in time to come back, get on that scale, and win 100K (too bad she cant get an advance for her bail).