i love these women

i get to be in a band with the most awesome folks including these two hotties, Ebomb and J-Train.


we are a girl fronted dirty doo wop group called Cudzoo (www.myspace.com/cudzoo) and will be playing a lot of shows and recording an album over the next few months.

anywho, it was this weeks rehearsal that i had one of those moments… someone referenced a cartoon from my childhood which i thought i had  made up. for me it Denver the Last Dinosaur, the skateboarding dino stuck in the 80’s.


upon my excitement, erin shared that for a long tme she thought that she had imagined David the Gnome


and then i really missed the 80’s.

One Response to “i love these women”

  1. philwells Says:

    one time i was trying to cry so i watched the end of the last episode of david the gnome. it didn’t work, but i did well up. so so sad.

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