i believe i can fly..

a group ot MIT students believe that their carplane, the Transition, could be in skies at early as this year. the key is its wings fold in from a push of a button making the “transition” from skies to the BQE and fitting into a standard american garage. as one lady in the video says, the problem with previous models was “you had to  buldge and debuldge, which is now controlled from the cockpit”. grammatically this is not perverted at all, but it still made me chuckle.

being as a i live in brooklyn and do not see getting my pilots license in the foreseeable future, why am i so pumped about this invention you might ask? its simple, it means we are one step closer to these..


flying skateboards! i have coveted these since back the the future 2 came out in 1989. b’scuse me, but is it not the future already?!? with MTA prices skyrocketing, i need a hoverboard and i need it fast.

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