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it’s down to the final two….

September 30, 2009

scariest Marie Osmond brand dolls….

Contestant #1


This cutie’s named “Come fly Away” and it really captures the free spirit of youth. While one young boy tries to have some alone time to yank his spool, his special needs sister keeps “hanging” around.

Contestant #2


This little charmers, named “Never Grow Tired with Tire Swing” ,gives us a sneak peak look into sibling rivalry. While Mama’s favorite blonde daughter hogs the swing, little Gerta holds her breathe in protest. Look how blue she is! Chin up Gerta.

It’s like Normal Rockwell paintings came to life and then a children hating witch turned them all into dolls!


September 30, 2009

A farmer in Bangladesh, named Mokhairul Islam, is being honored for killing 83,000 rats that would normally destroy crops. He is being rewarded with a color television.


Brooklyn, we need this guy. Seriously, someone call Pep Boys for a donation. With the promise of flat screen HD tv, we could rid our borough of these four legged enemies once and for all. If he needs a greencard,  I’ll find him a wife. Ladies??  Come on, he’s kind of cute in an Indian Super Mario Bros kind of way….

Neck Treasure

September 30, 2009


Yesterday, my Seth was running sound for an interview with comedy legend Joan Rivers. Having watched me watch my fair share of QVC, Seth pointed out to Ms. Rivers that the necklace she was wearing in the interview was one that I had once expressed interest in. In response, Ms. Rivers quickly removed it from her neck and handed it him: “Give it to your girlfriend,” she said. What a peach!

Naturally, I took the necklace out for a night on the town (meaning I slapped on some lipstick and danced around my apartment snapping pictures of myself). Everyone (in my head) kept complimenting me on it. It’s my lucky charm. I can feel it rubbing off on me. In fact, my neck is pretty irritated this morning. Okay, off to the appraisers. “I’m no trashy poka’ player, but I bet this thing is real rubies.”

**P.S, thanks Keith at the Apiary for blasting this blog on the site.  & are lovely blogs to add to your roster instead of doing work!

craft project!

September 30, 2009

I’ve been dreaming about going to Mexico for Dias De Los Muertos for the past year. However, there’s a chance that I’ll be at a Ween concert instead so, alas, my fantasies of lighting shrines and stuffing my face with mole must wait.

However! Who’s in for coming over to drunk some tequila and making these traditional sugar skulls?!


NHCC sugar skulls

Taylor “where’s your” Momsen?

September 29, 2009

Uncanny. Thats exactly what I looked like when I was the fresh age of 16. But I was partial to pants.

Want to die of puppy cute overload in hopes that you will come back in your next life as a puppy?

September 28, 2009

Then watch this documentary. In the world of dachshund racing, which is actually a big deal, drama is in the lead with everything from drug conspiracy to bitter rivalries. I give it canine out of ten stars.


Halloween costume?

September 28, 2009

Wordsworth, the rollerskating, cassette listening, always rhyming tall cat from Heathcliff.


Psssstt! BOF is at UCB on OCT 7th and 21st! at 8!

September 28, 2009


spread the word. word?

check out Cudzoo’s new site!

September 28, 2009

Picture 1

And thanks to everyone who made it out for our show on Saturday. It was buckets of fun (and pbr)!

Whoa baby!

September 24, 2009

An Indonesian woman has given birth to an 19.2 pound baby boy, which now holds the country’s record for biggest newborn baby.


“I am so proud of my little guy”, said his father Paul “Pork Bun” Yun, pictured below with what i presume to be a sacrificial baby blue ox.