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another “im sorry diary” moment

October 21, 2008

ive neglected you once again! its been a whirlwind since i got back to new york and i havent stopped moving once (except when i ask for a receipt at the atm and read the remaining balance, at which i am paralyzed). quick summary:

i got off the plane and went straight from the airport to a finger rehearsal. then seth whisked me off to shelter island for a weekend of ping pong (*cough* beat him twice *cough*) leaf raking, bike riding, croissants, and kite flying…

the pics will be posted later because unfortunately, i left the battery to my camera charging in my stepmoms dentists office waiting room and i am too broke to buy a new one at the moment. not to worry, ill have this baby set up to a paypal account for donations in no time!

the rest of the week panned out with cudzoo rehearsal (we were asked to host a halloween party at my favorite bar in queens SPARROW … more on that later…  and my sketch team FINGER opened with their new show!~


PHEW. i need a vacation.


40 hours of travel back home. full time, no benefits.

October 12, 2008

8 hrs from melbourne to kuala lumpur + 12 hr layover + 12 hours to sweden + 1 hour layover + 7 hours to nyc + going straight from the airport to a finger rehearsal = a surprisingly chipper mamrie  (i didnt see it coming either!)



**** sweden’s airport is all hardwood floors. oh please. now im definitely getting that ringtone.

gonna miss these faces.

October 12, 2008

melbourne to be wild.

October 12, 2008

cec’s folks took me back to melbourne… the graffiti capitol of the world no less.

needless to say, i was in heaven and anxious to get home and crank out some stencils.

i found a tiny library within the state library..

cant you just see a little inchworm librarian telling you too “shhhh”. bout to explode from cute overload.

in chinatown there are a lot of restaraunts with Mao in both the title and picture.

if i were opening a restaraunt like this, i would call it “The Mao’full” or “Put it in my Mao”.


October 6, 2008

im very sad to report that pierre- my adopted bali tour guide, favorite frenchman, and dear friend- passed away last week from heart problems while in hong kong. he will be missed very much.

daaaaammm homey!

October 6, 2008

no seriously, cec’s folks have a dam at their home(y).

her folks are also sheep farmers and yesterday happened to be bloody sunday. allow me to explain, sheep are born with long tails. if not cut off, they get really foul and attract a bunch of flies and infected and gnarly and you get the point. that said, sheep farmers cut off their tails at a month or so old to keep from this happening. so en route to the dam, we saw dozens upon dozens of little lambs with bloddy asses running around. i thought i would refrain from a photo in respect for the little guys.

hanging rock

October 6, 2008

dave and i got up on saturday and went hiking at hanging rock. supposedly there is a tame kangaroo there named snowy and one can usually spot a koala at the summit in the ecalyptus trees. needless to say, i was pumped…

well snowy was no where to be found. and after searching and searching and a sore neck from looking up, i finally found a koala!



in the friggin gift shop that is…

yes, the only animals i ended seeing was this rosella who kept trying to bum a smoke off dave. he was all “i dont want to by a whole pack…” whatever rosie.


October 6, 2008

favorite new treat.

throw a passion fruit in the freezer for a day, cut in half, then grab a spoon and you have two little bowls of mouth puckering deliciousness.

Achmed update.

October 2, 2008

Achmed, everyones favorite fictional skeleton terrorist, is at it again. hes hot hot hot in advertising this week. after seeing him on tv, i also saw him in the back of an aussie gossip mag.

check out the last option of ringtones you can download him to say. finally someone is sticking it to the swedes! they think they are so great with their good looks and tasty gummy fish.*



(*thanks for ikea tho. i love you sweden<3 )


October 2, 2008

after a too late night at the george and the shamrock hotel (btw, bars are actually called hotels here… so yes, ludacris, you can bring a ho to a hotel) we went up to macedon to the monstrous cross atop the mountain…

atop there is a compass showing you how far away other australian towns and landmarks are from the cross… doesnt a pefect day sound like packing up all the kids and a picnic to…. mt. dissapointment.

of course it will be just as beautiful as i picture.

then went to cec’s brother martys new place for dinner. they have a mini golf putting green and a wine barrel hot tub in their backyard. time for a key party!