another “im sorry diary” moment

ive neglected you once again! its been a whirlwind since i got back to new york and i havent stopped moving once (except when i ask for a receipt at the atm and read the remaining balance, at which i am paralyzed). quick summary:

i got off the plane and went straight from the airport to a finger rehearsal. then seth whisked me off to shelter island for a weekend of ping pong (*cough* beat him twice *cough*) leaf raking, bike riding, croissants, and kite flying…

the pics will be posted later because unfortunately, i left the battery to my camera charging in my stepmoms dentists office waiting room and i am too broke to buy a new one at the moment. not to worry, ill have this baby set up to a paypal account for donations in no time!

the rest of the week panned out with cudzoo rehearsal (we were asked to host a halloween party at my favorite bar in queens SPARROW … more on that later…  and my sketch team FINGER opened with their new show!~


PHEW. i need a vacation.


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