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BOF Jury Duty!!

November 23, 2009


** and don’t forget, we have a show tonight at 9:30 at Upright Citizen’s Brigade:)

The first time i got cast in something….

November 19, 2009

Did i ever tell you about the time my brother was playing G.I.Joes on the floor, my mom tripped over him, ran backwards like a football player to catch me, rammed into an open door and my little baby Mamie self hit the ground and broke my arm?

Those were the days!

I know having to explain a baby with a broken arm cannot be fun in any way, but  hot damn if it wasn’t cute!

A new addition to my bucket list

November 19, 2009

Naici, Mexico crystal caves.

AHH! A new BOF episode coming on monday!

November 19, 2009

Go to my friends show.

November 13, 2009

My friend Scott Campbell is awesome. He’s a great improviser, comic book illustrator, painter, and host. I was just at his place this past tuesday for game night and the man kept the grill fired up on his (incredible) roof all while shaking manhattans for his guests.


Tonight his show “Adrift” opens in NYC.. details below. Do yourself a favor and GO!



I’d be a lion if I said I wasn’t obsessed.

November 11, 2009

Did you know that there are a breed of bunnies that have little manes like lions? Yes, they are aptly named Lion Headed Rabbits and I am quickly becoming obsessed. I found out that mircopigs are illegal to have as pets in NYC, so I’m going to let that dream die for the time being.

But check this out!

Standard StarDustBOS doe head 11-05

I know, its ridiculous. They even have a competition in Kentucky every year, its like the Westminster of pompous wittle wabbits. I MUST go. Check out how regal the winners circle looks.

NJ2 rib 2razzy bossPridelands Coral 2-05

My only complaint is I think instead of ribbons they should wear tiny tiaras. oh, and little scepters that look like carrots.

Katt Burglar

November 11, 2009

hey yo!


Parking would be a breeze!

November 10, 2009


**Christmas is not that far away.


***Fine, fuck it. I’ll settle for the hat.

Role Model

November 10, 2009


CUDZOO took over Ars Nova

November 9, 2009

It finally happened. I can now breathe. Wait, no, I have a BOF show tonight so I won’t exhale till tomorrow. But I’m one step away from my crazy ass week!

After a week of Cudzoo rehearsals, techs, BOF editing, BOf shoot, house band at Showgasm, and what else… oh yeah, TWO jobs, I made it through the weekend.

My band and love, CUDZOO and the Faggetttes, had our performance at ANT fest at Ars Nova- a beautiful space with the kindest, sweetest, most attractive staff you’ve ever met.

We sang! We danced! Debuted videos! Costume changed! Champagne! Streamer canon! Hangover! Repeat!


*more pics and maybe a video or two coming soon!