CUDZOO took over Ars Nova

It finally happened. I can now breathe. Wait, no, I have a BOF show tonight so I won’t exhale till tomorrow. But I’m one step away from my crazy ass week!

After a week of Cudzoo rehearsals, techs, BOF editing, BOf shoot, house band at Showgasm, and what else… oh yeah, TWO jobs, I made it through the weekend.

My band and love, CUDZOO and the Faggetttes, had our performance at ANT fest at Ars Nova- a beautiful space with the kindest, sweetest, most attractive staff you’ve ever met.

We sang! We danced! Debuted videos! Costume changed! Champagne! Streamer canon! Hangover! Repeat!


*more pics and maybe a video or two coming soon!

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