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pre new years eve.

December 31, 2008

since some of my friends have to work NYE and its going to a be a wintry mix, our favorite bartender hely threw together a dance party at Porch, the bar she works at in alphabet city…

heres the lovely lady herself.


her friend mikey, from orlando, spun the jams..


luke and travis decided to confess their love to eachother for a very honest 2009


a befriended a french lady named elisa whilw wearing my ketchup/mustard french look.


and a good time was had by all! bring it on 2009!



well the NYE ball dropped…

December 30, 2008

on google image that is!

i have a habit of google imaging things just to see what the first page of images are that pops up. and this doesnt only go for my name which, by the way, the first image that appears is this..


huh? ok, i guess the one on the right looks a little like me, but only in the cheek bones.

anywho, i google imaged “new years eve” to see what gorgeous fireworks displays or rowdy younguns in 2000-whatever sunglasses and top hats would appear. while there were a few of these photos, one picture that made it on the first page was this..


how does THIS party make it to page one on google image?!?there are no snacks, no dance moves, no NYE paraphanalia. for the love of auld lang syne there are no chairs!

what a rager. this party actually gave me comfort in having to work tomorrow instead of building up the evening in my head only to end up on someone carpeting while they smoke indoors.

** just kidding. new years is always awesome. here a is a pic from last year.


as you can tell i rented a karaoke room and spent the evening singing C&C music factory by myself.

soon enough

December 30, 2008

the old men will be pushing their shaved ice carts on the sidewalks, ringing their bell


and the women will be carving up mangoes on a stick and asking what spices you want on it.


soon enough, brooklyn, we’ll be drinking all our brewal fresco and sporting skirts that just simply arent appropriate in length.


December 27, 2008


could my blond australian pocket sized neices get any cuter? im dying over here.

boxer day

December 27, 2008

over the last few months i have found myself living in the tbs show


(except that i dont know anything about sports save for unc basketball, and there is no sexual tension in the group b/c one of them is my boyfriend)

but when a gal finds herself alone at home on a friday night with no testerone in the apt, there is a simple recipe for pure lady restoration. mix as follows:

ferrero+ redwine+lush+total crap movies such as “the ex” and “dan in real life” and in no time youll be begging for a house full of boys on a football filled sunday drinking 22 oz coors and debating who can produce the most powerful flatulence.

thank god you’re back..

December 26, 2008

how come i see this the day after christmas?!?

he’s a bad obama jama

December 19, 2008



woohooo 1st review!

December 18, 2008

i’d like to thank icn, tilzy, everyone who worked on the show, and aunt helen’s mint julep facial scrub.

this needs to end

December 18, 2008

my obsession with miniature horses is escalating, thanks in part to this..


footwear for this four legged cuties! mini horses are now being used as guide animals and with that their hooves are exposed to a lot more sidewalks, hard surfaces that are tough on their little tootsies. therefore, tiny shoes are now being manufactured.


now i can have the sweetest pet over who will carry my backpag AND i can dress it up? jesus christ.

*p.s. the horse above is named Cuddles.

what a wonderful whirlwind

December 17, 2008

saturday off. a glorious, glorious saturday off. kicked off the day having brunch with seth then headed uptown to anne’s place to get ready for the Damages premiere party.

The screening took place at the Directors Actors Guild, the episode followed suit to the previous season (aka Glenn Close is a goddess), and that is all I will say about it as to not be Spoiler Alert central.

From there the party was held at the grand ballroom of the Plaza (you know, where Eloise lives?) Not too shabby, folks. Food, champagne, dancing, shmoozing, dancing some more add up to the making a magical evening. Now I wore an adorable black number (my NYE dress from last year, shhhh) but a camera just doesnt go that well with it so I only took a couple pics.. these are with Anne and some of her crew..


Highlights of the evening:

** Jeff Goldblum hanging with us and telling me i was “very funny”, “looked like reese witherspoon”, and “young and beautiful” what?! ill tell ya, that Goldblum is pretty fly. (ba da ching!)

** Being offered and taking a ride in executive producers KZK’s limo to the afterafter party at a speakeasy in which we had to tell gate the secret password (Stuart Little) to get in.

** Dancing like crazy with Anne to “Lady’s Night” then looking over and seeing Glenn Close shaking a tail feather beside us.

** Tate Donovan reprimanding Anne for keeping her daughter out so late. (Aniston, seriously, you should have never let this one get away)

~~ and thats just a couple of the evenings moments that were able to stick i my memory despite me almost drowining them with white wine~~~