well the NYE ball dropped…

on google image that is!

i have a habit of google imaging things just to see what the first page of images are that pops up. and this doesnt only go for my name which, by the way, the first image that appears is this..


huh? ok, i guess the one on the right looks a little like me, but only in the cheek bones.

anywho, i google imaged “new years eve” to see what gorgeous fireworks displays or rowdy younguns in 2000-whatever sunglasses and top hats would appear. while there were a few of these photos, one picture that made it on the first page was this..


how does THIS party make it to page one on google image?!?there are no snacks, no dance moves, no NYE paraphanalia. for the love of auld lang syne there are no chairs!

what a rager. this party actually gave me comfort in having to work tomorrow instead of building up the evening in my head only to end up on someone carpeting while they smoke indoors.

** just kidding. new years is always awesome. here a is a pic from last year.


as you can tell i rented a karaoke room and spent the evening singing C&C music factory by myself.


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