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ho ho holy crap its 4am

December 11, 2008

yesterday i spent getting paid to sit around. i was an extra on the show “Damages” on FX. my day consisted of sitting on a couch, writing sketches, meeting folks and eating craft services for 7 hours until they wrapped and didnt even film the scene they needed us for. sweet!

hopped in a cab, threw on some panty hose in the backseat, and headed for the People’s Improv Theater’s annual holiday party.



from top to bottom: our resident dj anthony batista taking a break from spinning the hits, two pit studhorses steve soroka and jamie cumming *ladies they’re single*, and me and the lovely randy pearlstein.


bring on da nose, bring on da funk

December 11, 2008

seth posted a video of me showing my nose whistling skill last year. its gotten almost 700 hits. hilarious.

*yes, i am sampling “spoonful of sugar” from mary poppins a tthe end of the number.

be mine canine torture

December 10, 2008

i always daydream and talk about how i want a little brussels griffon.


a puppy with a beard. doesnt get much better than that folks. brusssels griffons are a belgian breed and, therefore, his name would be Waffles. however, i get the same “you arent home enough”, “you arent responsible enough for another life” mumbo jumbo from a certain someone *cough seth cough*.

however this same person who will remain nameless *sneeze seth conor keal sneeze* as made it a habit of grabbing whatever neighbor is walking by with their adorable dog and surprising me with a visit. in sunset park it was the black shitzu coconut, tonight it was Ralphie.


this behavior has to come to an end! no, not me sitting on the couch watching tivoed”office” and “ace of cakes” in a charlotte hornets sweatshirt while drinking corona and eating ferrora rocher. no, thats just fine, i was referencing the adorable puppy torture.

let the holiday binge begin kickoff

December 9, 2008

its that time of year again. that time when everyone and their mama throws a christmas party. and knowing goog and well that ive never said no to a party, the month of recovering, dance offs, and bags under my eyes begin. where my main diet consists of whatever cheeseball rolled in nuts is at the party and bodega food at 5am.

we kicked it off this weekend with sandra d’s party. sandra and i lived together a few years ago and attending one of theses parties is even better than hosting it. heres a few snapshots:


(fellow finger, chris roberti. youd think the curls would always get the girls, but she is  having none of it)


(the host miss sandra d. 4’11’ christmas cheer and trouble)


(mr. travis call “of the wild” )

— and then on to saturday. my step mom anne and i thought, what says holidays to us? why the gist that keeps on giving of course! BURLESQUE.


we went to “this is burlesque holiday show” at Corio. saw the fastest tassle twirling this side of the mississippi. left Corio to see the winters first snow. anne was a little excited


(* note, i had to open this pic in photoshop so you wouldnt have to strain your neck and then decided to jazz it up! im not just nerdy enough to do it for no reason)

then off to williambushwick for my dear unc bff jacob liddells 25th bday. the bday boy had lots of costume changes.


phew. just when i finally hit the pillow and thought the weekend couldnt get any better. i wake up to find my boyfriend having secretly gone out and bought.set up a christmas tree with breakfast prepared. its tough i tell ya, real tough.

episode 2

December 9, 2008


teleportation now!

December 8, 2008


the most precious three ladies in all the land. and three reasons why i miss australia, the fourth one is probably taking the picture.

official selection for favorite commercial of 2008

December 8, 2008

i <3 scripts..

December 5, 2008

however i started my first level PIT improv  class last night (taught by the lovely sarak nowak of Fancy Dragon) and i neither threw up nor sh*t my skinny jeans from the anxiety. thats what we call


*** i google imaged success so i could tag on an image to this post. and the sole related search that popped up on the top of the results was “money”. oh society!

good things come in scientifically modified with years of weird breeding small packages

December 5, 2008

and in this time of recession i know fully well that we need to evaluate what we need versus what we want. gifts should be something useful, not just frivolous spending for the sake of it. thats why this xmas i am simply going to ask for one gift. thats right, just one.

new york is a tough city. i leave my place in brooklyn and may not come home till the end of the night with the molasses speed subway system and everything that would be a waste of time. often i am lugging around a  30 pound purse or backpack filled with my laptop, a change of clothes, a couple 1 pound bags of m&m’s– point is i dont want to regret it later in life when i am going to the creepy chiropractor three times a week.

so this christmas, i simply need


a miniature horse to carry all my stuff. id throw the sweetest pink saddlebags on this cutie (or maybe a backpack) and easily be able to sneak him or her on the subway. its necessary ok folks? dont believe me, look at this..



*** side note, i remember one time i mentioned to my friend doug that the biggest reason i would want to go back in time to the dinosaur era is because horses were the size of chickens. to which he replied “i would wear two horses on my feet like roller skates”. imagine the races we could have.

change is coming to the west village

December 4, 2008

upon walking through the west village i passed a storefront for a place that was being renovated inside. with no sign to indicate what would be opening there. cafe? bookstore? lush bath products store (im now obssesed with *chistmas gift wink wink*)?  the only clue were the two posters they chose to display:


all i know is this store is going to awesome. Obama? ok, i guess hes kind of important and a decently big deal but the kid from eight is enough? sign me up! im just camped outside waiting for the ‘now hiring’ sign.