what a wonderful whirlwind

saturday off. a glorious, glorious saturday off. kicked off the day having brunch with seth then headed uptown to anne’s place to get ready for the Damages premiere party.

The screening took place at the Directors Actors Guild, the episode followed suit to the previous season (aka Glenn Close is a goddess), and that is all I will say about it as to not be Spoiler Alert central.

From there the party was held at the grand ballroom of the Plaza (you know, where Eloise lives?) Not too shabby, folks. Food, champagne, dancing, shmoozing, dancing some more add up to the making a magical evening. Now I wore an adorable black number (my NYE dress from last year, shhhh) but a camera just doesnt go that well with it so I only took a couple pics.. these are with Anne and some of her crew..


Highlights of the evening:

** Jeff Goldblum hanging with us and telling me i was “very funny”, “looked like reese witherspoon”, and “young and beautiful” what?! ill tell ya, that Goldblum is pretty fly. (ba da ching!)

** Being offered and taking a ride in executive producers KZK’s limo to the afterafter party at a speakeasy in which we had to tell gate the secret password (Stuart Little) to get in.

** Dancing like crazy with Anne to “Lady’s Night” then looking over and seeing Glenn Close shaking a tail feather beside us.

** Tate Donovan reprimanding Anne for keeping her daughter out so late. (Aniston, seriously, you should have never let this one get away)

~~ and thats just a couple of the evenings moments that were able to stick i my memory despite me almost drowining them with white wine~~~


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