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back in the south..

February 28, 2009

switching planes in atlanta today, we ended up being 15 minutes late to start boarding. but at least the lady let us know via mic that we would be late because the stewardess was “running an errand in concourse D”. ahh how i missed the honesty of the south, and how theycall meeting your pilot boyfriend in the bathroom “running an errand”.

10 quarters to bliss

February 26, 2009


money is tight these days but you know what is tight ? a pistachio cupcake and coffee at “sugar sweet sunshine” my new mecca in the lower east side. it totals up to a whopping $2.50.

the staff is adorable, they have other flavors like sassy red velvet or pumpkin spice, and polaroids of neighborhood dogs on the walls.

oh man, this could be dangerous.

for MAXimum enjoyment..

February 25, 2009

word on the street is that britney spears has hired  Ed Alonzo, the actor who plays Max on Saved by the Bell, to join her circus tour.


remember, he used to perform magic tricks in between flipping burgers for the old bayside kids? although i am stoked, i probably wont actually dropped the $ to see the concert.

UNLESS! hot sundae opens for them and then i’m front row and renting a motha f*n part bus.

who’s ready for summer?!

February 25, 2009


i sure am! but what the heck am i supposed to do witout my beloved coney island? nathans, freak shows, mermaid parade, rubys, cyclone.. im gonna miss the grit.

such a tees

February 24, 2009

cudzoo got their merch in, woot woot! all different colors of tees in all different sizes. we also have stickers and (fingers crossed) whiskey flavored all natural cudzoo kisses chapstick coming to a merch table near you. we got a little pumped after rehearsal last night which led to an iphone photoshoot of course.


they are flying off the shelf and are $15 so reserve one while you can!

(note, the leg in my pic. ahem, american all star cheerleader 2000, ahem.)

pig pen lion’s den <3

February 24, 2009

i am obsessed with stories of unlikely friendships and families that form in the animal kindgom, despite differences in species. check out this story:

in a california zoo recently, a female  tiger gave birth to triplet cubs which is extremely rare. But tragically they all passed away do to premature birth and complications. SO mama tiger got extremely depressed and it started affecting her health. so the zoo decided to try and replace the cubs as quick as possible, but, crazy enough, they were out of tiger cubs at shop rite. SO! they replaced the cubs with piglets in fur coats! would it work? Would love awaken, or would these triplets be bacon? (NY Post, hire me immediately)

Turns out, the tiger just fine with the swine. She thinks the chops are tops. I’ll be damned, she’s a mother to ham. (seriously, NYP, I work for cheap) see for yourself!


ahh, so precious. however, i think those lil guys are gonna be on PETA’s worst dressed list of 2009.

oscar night

February 23, 2009

being that i live in brooklyn, it was raining, and the man friend left to go ride a float in mardi gras with joan rivers (you read correctly) i decided to stay in and watch the night of glamour solo. here is a guide if you ever feel so inclined to stay in on an awards night…

supplies needed:

mango salsa


curried crunchy chickpeas and


and mojitos


(** i was just writing this, jen aniston was presenting and they cut to angelina in the audience. even the oscars are bitchy gossips!)

and just because you are a anti-social lazy person does not mean you shouldnt dress correctly.. i put on a proper dress and ensemble. which included a necklace that can be tied up in to an abstract oscar-esque statue:img_2252

Ok fine, faithful blog readers i cannot lie, i got kind of bored halfway thru and decided to watch “house bunny” on demand until the big awards at the end. so i changed the headgear appropriately into bunny ears:


which ended up a noose. img_2278

again, i cannot lie, i actually enjoyed house bunny. i think ana faris is adorable, except for having the same amount of collagen as the octo-mom.

but seriously come to the PIT tonight…

February 20, 2009

the live version of my webshow that you have all come to love and adore, is premiering   tonight at 7 olock at the People’s Improv theater. It’s called “BOF: This Ol Thing?” and is full of fun treats!


** and dont betelling me tomorrow “oh i wanted to come but i didnt know the directions, yadyadayada”.. cause you are clearly checking this on a computer and are capable of googling the PIT. see, my crime solving moustache tattoo does come in handy when im not inebriated!

if you arent already a fan you should def become one, look how good this fan has it!


even more proof that miley cyrus is an idiot.

February 19, 2009

she cut dolly parton out of her upcoming Hannah Montana movie!

dolly is quoted saying” “I’m not in the movie. I wish I had been.”


ok, maybe miley didnt have the final say but i say, blame the tween! ms parton has more talent in 1/8 of her left boob than hannah blandtana could ever dream of.


theres one crazy looking milkman out there.

February 19, 2009