pig pen lion’s den <3

i am obsessed with stories of unlikely friendships and families that form in the animal kindgom, despite differences in species. check out this story:

in a california zoo recently, a female  tiger gave birth to triplet cubs which is extremely rare. But tragically they all passed away do to premature birth and complications. SO mama tiger got extremely depressed and it started affecting her health. so the zoo decided to try and replace the cubs as quick as possible, but, crazy enough, they were out of tiger cubs at shop rite. SO! they replaced the cubs with piglets in fur coats! would it work? Would love awaken, or would these triplets be bacon? (NY Post, hire me immediately)

Turns out, the tiger just fine with the swine. She thinks the chops are tops. I’ll be damned, she’s a mother to ham. (seriously, NYP, I work for cheap) see for yourself!


ahh, so precious. however, i think those lil guys are gonna be on PETA’s worst dressed list of 2009.


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