oscar night

being that i live in brooklyn, it was raining, and the man friend left to go ride a float in mardi gras with joan rivers (you read correctly) i decided to stay in and watch the night of glamour solo. here is a guide if you ever feel so inclined to stay in on an awards night…

supplies needed:

mango salsa


curried crunchy chickpeas and


and mojitos


(** i was just writing this, jen aniston was presenting and they cut to angelina in the audience. even the oscars are bitchy gossips!)

and just because you are a anti-social lazy person does not mean you shouldnt dress correctly.. i put on a proper dress and ensemble. which included a necklace that can be tied up in to an abstract oscar-esque statue:img_2252

Ok fine, faithful blog readers i cannot lie, i got kind of bored halfway thru and decided to watch “house bunny” on demand until the big awards at the end. so i changed the headgear appropriately into bunny ears:


which ended up a noose. img_2278

again, i cannot lie, i actually enjoyed house bunny. i think ana faris is adorable, except for having the same amount of collagen as the octo-mom.


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