real chance of love finale!

it arrived… the Real Chance of Love finaly on VH1. I’ll admit, i didnt really get into this show till about half way through the season but leave it to vh1 to conveniently replay shows over and over to let me catch up (second only to Bravo!)

Chance, being the playa that he is, decided to keep it real and not choose either Cali or Risky because he didnt fall for either of him. Good for you Chance. And by good for you I mean congrats on just scoring yourself another season of this show!

Ok, now on to my favorite Stallionaire Real. Those silky locks, that bark, that overbite.. love him.


And he picked my favorite gal, Corn Fed! i have a soft spot in my heart for an accented sweet white chick among some tough bitches (maybe it is my history of being the only white girl on my high school step team. yes, i still know the whole routine, just buy me a drink).


Plus,  Bay Bay Bay, an aspiring lawyer, just got on my nerves. Her girl fight banter was the only thing more redundant than her name. Plus, girl looks like a praying mantis. Female praying mantis are known to bite the heads off the male after mating when put in a labratory setting. I would call a reality show a lab experiment. So for Real’s head safety, Corn Fed is his girl. Could you imagine the hair ball Bay Bay Bay would be coughin up?!

One Response to “real chance of love finale!”

  1. gabby Says:

    i love real and chance so much because there so hot and so sexy really sexy

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