You scream, I scream, but mainly Ice Cream Injustice!

On hot summer days like these, I think back to my favorite summer treats from the ice cream truck. For 8 summers I spent my time on the set of “In the Heat of the Night” in hot as hell Covington, Georgia. I’d bop around between begging the make up artists to give me a make over to sneaking into the court room set (also seen in “My Cousin Vinny”!) and holding a mock trial. But the greatest part of each day was when the ice cream guy would stop at the lot. I’d always get one of those baseball mitts with the bubblegum baseball on it or perhaps one of these…

maybe a big Great White or a ….

The ice cream bill was always just put on the ITHoftheN tab so I raped the system, always having a 4pm tummy ache. Until one day, the ice cream truck let us know that they were limiting us kids to only one choice a day each. So I did what any 10 year old would do, I ordered a baseball glove then said I was told to also get a Teenage Mutant Ninja bar for Carol O’Connor. (are you reading this dad?). Of course the ice cream truck guy didn’t believe me, but would you risk refusing Archie Bunker a frozen treat because you doubted a child? I wouldn’t. And my gluttony persevered!


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