“This isn’t America’s Next Top Best Cupcake Friend”.

Sunday nights watching Food Network and drinking red wine is my jam. It’s not a regular routine but when the stars align and it actually happens, I am a happy Mamie. Don’t judge me!* And now they have a new competition show “Cupcake Wars”. These cupcakes below aren’t from the show but I love them. ANYWAY… basically I wanted to use this post as a competition. The first person to respond in the comments who I am making fun of in this made up quote title of this blog, gets a prize!

*By glass 3 it really sets in how ridiculous an evening this is and I begin to analyze my life/existence. Sunday Fundays!


5 Responses to ““This isn’t America’s Next Top Best Cupcake Friend”.”

  1. dave Says:

    yo, you need to be careful. if angelea finds out you are making fun of her, she will straight up cut you.

  2. mamrie Says:

    Ohhh close! But its not Angela. Try again. I know you have it in you!

  3. mamrie Says:

    Jade in the house

  4. dave Says:

    you’re right, jade said it first but angelea done went and said again 2 cycles later. she’s educated you know.

  5. mamrie Says:

    dave, that is why you are my brother. i am impressed!

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