im here! and 25!

after 10 hours of flying and a four hour layover in kuala lumpur, maylasia- i finally landed in melbourne. only to discover that i gave my bro the wrong date and he spent the previous morning at the airport for four hours waiting for me. woops! (i knew karma would come around for those 6 hour drives from nc to atlanta where he would use my fragile 10 year old wrist and fist as a microphone the whole way).

my day was spent catching up on sleep, on kisses from the nieces, pizza!, cupcakes, and a beautiful new birthday necklace.

oh and im officially a quarter of a century. ouch.

One Response to “im here! and 25!”

  1. Ashleigh Says:

    WOW- the Niema looks like Luca all the way. They are both too cute!

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