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bintang in the membrane..

September 18, 2008

this was my day.

and then my night…

you cant worry about being unemployed with a sunset like this.

living lovina loca

September 17, 2008

day 8:

today we got up good and early and had a driver take us to the north part of the island. first stop was a gorgeous old temple where we encountered this crazy rule..

luckily, i just made it!

(god i hope im not pregnant*)

next stop was the git git waterfall..

then the hot springs…

then last was lovina beach which is known for its black sand. the beach itself was full of litter and kind of dissapointing. however if i ever come back in another life as a black girl in the 80’s, i now have my all ladies R&B group… ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for BLACK SAND!!!

***please note that the previous statement about pregnancy was completely a joke. please note it parents, note it. but seth, throw the dead bolt just in case***

eat, pray, b’scuse me?!

September 16, 2008

today in ubud we sought out wayan from the best selling book “eat, pray, love”. if you havent read it, its wonderful and i strongly recommend it. in the book the author stays six months in bali and befriends a woman named wayan who is a traditional balinese healer. she has a tiny shop with two tables and serves a vitamin lunch. this is a series of dishes that are really super good for you and she explains the healing/medicinal properties of each dish.

we started with this drink of freshly grated tumeric, lime, honey, and water..

then went from there.

at the end of the meal wayan gave each of us a tiny hand reading of our health. jillian is gassy needs more calcium blah blah, erika will marry once and should stay away from eggs and meat. then came mine! after inspecting my hands for what seemed for forever, wayan bestowed her read upon me. she says, verbatim “your mind is in the middle. youre not that smart and not that stupid”.

that was it. what?!? i come to a traditional healer on the other side of the world to find out im average? well her cooking was average. ive got a new nemesis- wayan from eat, pray, love.

ok i walked it off and then we headed to mangde’s village to attend the full moon ceremony. it was amazing. his sisters dressed us in traditional garb..

then we headed to the temple to pray and put up our shrine of flowers and incense. then for the next 2 hours it was display of intense music (mangde plays gamalan) costumes and dancing. we were the token caucasians and i was so happy to experience something that most tourists do not.

afterwards, mangdes sisters and mom cooked us dinner- fish caught that day by mangde’s brother. his family were some of the nicest people ive ever met, welcoming us into their home and culture. i love bali.

s-a-t-u-r-day! hey!

September 16, 2008

day 6:

man oh man what a day.

picked up at 8am and headed to brunch on the mountain overlooking bali’s volcanos..

next stop was a coffee and chocolate plantation (my dream come true!) grinded bali coffee, learned about plants, tried new fruits and then sat down for a tasting. tiny cups in front of us of coffee, ginseng coffee, fresh ground hot cocoa, lemongrass tea and ginger tea. they also had a glass jar of tobacco and rolling paper in the center of each table. apparently jillian wasnt adequate so our guide rolled her a bali slim..

then the bike ride! three hours down (and a little up, so help me god) thru villages and rice fields. then children would run out of their house in each village and say “hallo! hallo!” and hold out there hands for high fives. i managed to not run over a single one, but i think i nicked a couple (shhh).

road trip

September 16, 2008

day 5:

ahhhhh Ubud. the cultural capitol of bali. the gang, including pierre and mangde, headed out in the last day of our car rental to the lake tamblingan and lake buyan. we drive up the mountains and pierre shaved approximately 7 years off my life with his driving. anything goes on the road in bali. you know its bad when i think to myself “the drunk drivers usually survive in wrecks because their bodies are more relaxed from being intoxicated. so just go limp mamrie, just go.. FUCK truck!!”

we stopped in candi kuning, know for their strawberries, and got lunch at a market. filled up on fresh berries, purple sweet potato chips and caramlized tapioca root. yum yum. haggled with the market ladies and got fresh vanilla beans and saffron.

stopped for lunch with THIS view…

headed into ubud and had dinner with friends. we stayed at a place called nicks pension (300,000 rupiahs or $30 a night for a triple!) and it looks a little something like this…

motel 6 prices with hilton views.

lazy day

September 15, 2008

day 4:

summed up by snorkeling at sanur (or as i call it Sanur’kling- ooohhhh count it!)

and Bintang beers at sunset in seminayak.

a shell of a day

September 15, 2008

with erika in tow, we headed off to our friend mangde’s (pronounced monday) village to get a taste of the real local feel. mangde’s brother runs the bali turtle conservancy and what awaited us was cute overload. get ready… ( i swear i will figure out how to get these pics right)

of course it left me and hely ready to throw fundraisers and parties in new york to raise money for this organization that is hurting financially. so just be prepared to attend “rock for turtles!” in the LES or perhaps a race for pet turtles in prospect park to make some dough (what would be a turtle marathon? like three yards? send opinions and ideas please)

from there we had the strangest lunch of my life at mangde’s uncles restaraunt. just the six of us in a huge hut singing karaoke at 1 in the afternoon. i love mispellings and erika did a lovely rendition of “sometimes when we tounch” thats right, touNch.

our afternoon was rounded out by sneaking into the bali hyatt and taking advantage of their poolside happy hour before they caught unto us.

when monkeys attack!

September 11, 2008

pheww have the past two days been chock full’o’adventure. and it goes a lil something like this..

day 2: being as i went to bed at 8pm , i woke up at 6:30- if you know me at all (and if you dont why are you reading my blog cuckoo) i dont do mornings. but i got up, we had a lovely breakfast and was at a beach in seminayak by 10. came home and pierre, our new best friend and frenchman we’ve adopted as a tour guide, met us at the house. took us to an indo-german restaraunt, yes it was as weird as it sounds, but tasty none the less. on the way there however we saw a scooter crash, the girl was ok, but i was totally freaked out. took a cab home from the restaraunt we rented a car. sounds like its going to hurt the ol travel bank account right? nope! we got it for 180,00 rupiah ( or roughly $18 a day) the car gives us a lot more freedom to take day trips so we headed to a beach called Dreamland! (sorry its sideways)

it was filled with surfers and the water was crystal.i thought to myself “someone pinch me, i must be dreaming”. and then i thought “god i hope no one pinches me because i will get really red and im already battling sun burn.

once the sun started going down we headed to a temple (will get back with the name) to watch the sunset incredible! set on top of the cliff the view was spectacular. the temple itself was filled with sacred monkeys. precious right? wrong! hely decided to feed a monkey and he crawled up in her lap for a nice little snuggle. then slapped the shit out of her! inside i was freaking out, but she wasnt so i decided to play it cool. after the scooter incident i didnt want to be the two panic attack a day traveler.

pierre took us away from the temple and the tourists to the further part of the cliff with the most beaufitul sunset.

then…… the grandaddy of monkeys jumps on pierres back and bites him! hes bleeding we are on a cliff so we run away, two little minkeys each have one of jillians flip flops. hely throws her last bites of banana at them to distract and jillians grabs the flip flops. now we are on a cliff, pierre has a hole in his back, hely is being followed by one monkey, im screaming because im in a grey cardigan and look like a monkey- which in my rational mind thought that would make me more likely to be attacked. a monkey is grabbing at jillians water so she throws it down, he opens the bottle and chugs it (this moment alone would make any non evolution believer take a second look). long story short, we made it out alive. but i will never look at curious george the same. and a chill will go down my spine everytime i see ben and jerry’s chunky monkey– but i will still eat it. lets be reasonable.

from there, another incredible meal on the beach ( i could get used to this).

at midnight, pierre, hely, and i went to denpasar airport to pick up erika- my good friend and roomate from college. she was expecting to take a taxi to the house but instead found me, her personal chauffeur.


September 10, 2008

after 24 hours of travel time. landin in sweden then malaysia and finallly denpasar.. im here!! in bali having a perfect time. i was greeted by my good friends jillian and hely at the palatial house we are staying in (its helys aunt and uncles home and is the Tara of the island) then set off! 

. my afternoon consisted of margaritas at sunset, a massage, dinner at an incredible indonesian restaraunt ( rode our scooters thru the restaraunt an then had 5 entrees, one beer, bottled water and a bottle of rose for $22 american– i love bali!)

i proceeded to pass out at 8pm.

wowsers recap!

September 10, 2008

last friday was perfect. it was the day before leaving for my travels and i had a grand time. “business card” lunch at a shuper shwanky indian place. my first tattoo! and the premiere party of BOF- steve soroka and is new webshow on icn.

 a big ol THANKS!! to maegan hayward who threw the party and made the great time possible. and now shares the same moustache tattoo on her pointer finger.