a popular candy here that tastes like perfume. yum!

eggs are kept at room temp on the shelves. and when you get home, they go in the cupboard.

ok, limes arent gross but the price is! a kg is approx 2.2lbs for $25… now what am i going to garnish my ….

already mixed cans of johnie walker black ad cola. thats how a lot of liquor is. you can leave the grocery store with a six pack of wild turkey and coke. way easier to keep in the cup holder of your front seat!

One Response to “Gross-eries”

  1. ellie Says:

    Ahh the ol’ musk sticks eh? A good candy infused competition involves twizzling these perfumed rods in your mouth and whoever produces the sharpest point is…the winner! My mum is a champion at this…Me? I just end up get bored and devouring them.

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