Oh My God (mother)!

this weekend was lovely. cafe, the mckennas farm, ordering in, then going out with daves friends on saturday night. they schooled me on the “proper” pronunciations of words such as parmeSan ( i say my italian words like giada de laurentis on food network- she should know, even if she does resemble a praying mantis and refuses to put her boobs away) and buoy ( they say its boy….then why the is there an extra Y there huh? huh?) his friends own this place The George http://www.royalgeorge.com.au/ and i look forward to having many a more pints there over the next 10 days.

rolling out of bed tired on sunday (sat night might have been the first time ive been up past 1am since ive been in this hemisphere) we headed to mass and Naima’s christening. check out this cuteness….

<—no, i did not bring in CJ to light the service. that baby just actually shines at all times. weird.

apparently as godmother i am responsible for the religious guidance in the formative years of naima’s life. ummm. yeah, i just thought i got to take her for her first drink and maybe send her to the ball in a pumpkin carriage if needed. ill try my best!

i made cupcakes for the post church lunch at cec’s folks.

then dove into those motha f*ckas like joey chestnut on independance day.

2 Responses to “Oh My God (mother)!”

  1. Caroline Says:

    what a beautiful darling and beautiful christening dress. she’s a little glowing
    cherub! nice cupcakes, too!

  2. ellie Says:

    Yes Caroline, agreed on the cherub factor!
    So glad I finally get to see snaps of the christening. I love Naimas famous side glances complete with half grins! Oh aku rindu dia sekaliiiiii!!!

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