my pants dont fit

my bro, dave, and i got up super early, had our coffee, and were on the train to melbourne by 8:15am. once there we plopped ourselves down at a cafe each eating a paul bunyan sized breakfast– fueling up for shopping. he took all me around. here is the train station

the architecture and the people here so nice. honest too! someone dropped their change purse and no one even took it.

we walked by the convention center where a morning show was filming and teens were gathered around a stage. i wanted to stick around and see who it was performng- dave said “its probably an old fourth runner up from australian idol”. an announcer gets on and starts working the crowd for none other than ricki lee! i ask dave who that is “yep. thats an old fourth runner up on aussie idol”. being as dave is apparently psychic, we should have went straight to the store to get a lottery ticket but instead we got a rooftop beer at a place called blonde bimbo. popped into a music store and i got myself a bday gift. check it out…

a flying V ukelele!!!! fuck yeah. and of course its pink, i couldnt have it clashing with my cowboy boots.

from there we ate lunch at little creatures brewery. tasty pizza and pale ales.

<– it looks like dave just found a scroll with some juicy gossip.

from there we visited daves friends new place, ate even more food at “spicy fish” in melbournes china town, and headed back home on the train. ahhh good day. the only sibling rivalry here was who could make them selves physically uncomfortable from gluttony… it was a hart kid tie!

One Response to “my pants dont fit”

  1. Cecily Hart Says:

    With your new guitar and boots you could bring a whole new dimension to a ‘Naked Cowboy/girl/person’ Showdown in Times Square, I can see it now …

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