You heard it here Furst!

Legendary designer Diane Von Furstenberg has designed hospital gown with her signature wrap dress form for a Cleveland clinic!

Just looking at them have got me tempted to break a toe in Cleveland so I can spend a couple days walking around in one of these numbers, making fun of every fellow dude patient. For real Furstie, unless these are for an Aids clinic in San Fransisco, I don’t think male patients are gonna be too stoked about the print you chose. In fact, one of your best additions is that it no longer has the peek-a-boo back that hospital patients complained about. However, any gentleman I know who would approve of this gown, would actually prefer a peek-a-boo back if you know what I’m saying. I think we need to butch up the male gown a little bit. Now, please send me one to wear as a night gown. Thanks.

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