Chinatown Bus Exhaust-ed!~

One may think that after 9 days of sitting on your Mama’s couch eating cheese and watching bad television, I would come back fully rested and bright eyed- bushy tailed. WRONG!

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends (like the pic! eh? eh??). When I got on that $30 bus from Greensboro, NC to Chinatown, I was the epitome of relaxation. I had a bag full of snacks. Everything from Trail Mix, to Sun Chips, to Riesens (how the fuck has there never been an ad campaign with a remix of Tracy Chapman’s “Give me one Riesen to Stay Here”?!). I had new magazines and brand new book lamp.

Cut to one hour into the drive, my book lamp lasted approximately 10 minutes before dying, its was POURING out, and the bus had one headlight that worked. It looked like we were driving into complete darkness and, apparently, my bus driver learned to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto I-95. So I did what anyone scared for their life would do. I closed my eyes, took a deep breathe and took a four pack of Sutter Home Cabernet to the face…

By bottle #3, Dude beside me said:
Dude: ” Jesus, do you have a case of those in your purse?”
Me: “Do not judge me”
Dude: “I’m already wasted”

…and that is 80% of the conversation we held on the 10 hour death ride.

So there you have it. All relaxation I had built up over the past week and half was immediately gone and my shoulders were up around my ears again. Put bartending shifts, two days of print ad shooting (more on that later!), rehearsal, and a 1am Cudzoo show into a 3 day mix and you get a sick Mamrie. But now I’m feeling better and raring to go! I’m rested up and I got a new kick in my step.

Yes, this is partially due to my new found love with adorable, transportable wine. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, “Don’t judge me!”

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