To zombie or not to zombie. That is a stupid question.

This weekend I was part of an MTV Truth campaign that my friend, Alan Harris, directed. It was a blast. Below are pics (breathe easy guys, no spoilers) of the zombification. Make-up took an hour and a half to get on, and about an hour to get off … except I left the leg wound to wear the rest of the day and scare children/my friends. It worked! An italian ice guy rolled by, saw my leg wound, and felt so bad that he tried to give me a scoop for free!

The day started at 6am and shot at a former porn studio, now the awesome Cinema World. But you still got that old bomchickabom feel, one makeup room had a hot tub in it. Amazing.

To wear the contacts below, I had to take out my real contacts. AKA I was blind when I was actually on set. So, Alan, you sounded like you were doing a great job!

Just a few zombies, havin a laugh.

Friends were made, fake blood was ingested, and a good time was had by all.


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