How embarrassing! How TOTALLY embarrassing!

Ok, not really, but I got your attention didn’t I? I have plenty of embarrassing things about me on deck for this blog but right now its just a video I made when i got bored a couple years ago.

*OK, fine. I got called out by spell check on how to spell “embarrassing” every time I wrote it in this blog. I spelled it “embarassing”, How very much that!

It’s also embarrassing that this video is two minutes long when the visuals end at one minute. Oh, and that I still don’t have an agent. OH, and that I still go to Raven for advice. And she’s pricey!


One Response to “How embarrassing! How TOTALLY embarrassing!”

  1. Annalisa Ferreira Says:

    Rest assured the music wasn’t a waste…Denia tapped her foot to the tune for the 2.04 minutes.

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