Bands for Boobs

This past friday, Cudzoo was asked to play Avon’s annual Bands for Boobs event that raises money for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. We were happy to help and it was a lot of fun. Now everyone please look at the outfit our drummer, Sarah, made for the event. Because being a drummer/brain doctor isn’t enough.. she adds awesome fuckin costume designer to her resume.

Avon took the giant ribbon from her to use as a prototype so this year they can be an army of marching ribbons in the NY Breast Cancer walk!

On a side note, the current (and since 2006) drummer for Gun’n’Roses, Frank Ferrar, dj’ed the event. And guess what? He loves Cudzoo. Sure, nowadays Axl looks like his Madame Tussaud’s wax figure that got slightly melted, but I would totes be up for a collabo in the future. After all both bands have plants in their name, enjoy drinking heavily, and have an appetite for destruction. Technically, Cudzoo has more of an appetite for fried things but I still think it could work.


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