You know what… I just Dino-might.

The BBC’s “Walking with Dinosaurs” tour is coming to Madison Square Garden next week. I want to go! Shit is pricey. These dino’s agents must’ve really held out for some big bucks. I can’t imagine their riders.

Pardon me as I go tap dance in the street to make my ticket money.

2 additional things:

1) I remember when I was little, Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, NC took an empty store and put this weird, robot dinosaur exhibit in it. Does anyone remember this or have this in their mall? It only lasted a few months. Was someone putting LSD in my Sbarro baked zitti every weekend?

2) Speaking of riders. Look at this site that shows tons of singers riders from past tours. M.IA. specifcally asking for local beer and 8 Ferrero Rochers really warms my heart. What would be on your rider?


2 Responses to “You know what… I just Dino-might.”

  1. Jane Says:

    I remember that dinosaur exhibit at Hanes Mall. It was rather dull, as well as I recall….

    Nice blog,


  2. Jeannie Bumgarner Says:

    We saw this a few years ago at the Lawerence Joel! I especially like the part about the Dino Dung Ball that got kicked around the stage as a part of evolution!

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