So, don’t turn around!

..guess you’re gonna see my heart brea-a-kin’
Don’t turn around,
I don’t want you seeing me voo-o-mit!

(sung to the tune of Ace of Base. Oh, you aren’t familiar with the group? Leave this blog immediately)

Listen, let’s be honest with ourselves, if you saw triplets of the baby dressed as on otter above… you would not think it’s sweet. You would be terrified and coming to the terms with the fact you are about to be murdered by triplets babies dressed as otters.

You know what isn’t scary when swimming in packs of three? Actual baby otters!

Look at those sweet little whiskered faces! Don’t you just want to crawl up on a chaise lounge and take a nap with them? Don’t you just want to escort that baby dressed as an otter back to his parents and never babysit for him again?

I wanted to get the full “cute” scoop so I thought I’d meet the parents before I make any decisions. When confronting baby dressed as otters mom how she felt about her child’s level of cuteness, she refused to show her face on camera..

Ashamed of her own offspring (emphasis on ‘off’)
But when I ask the Mama Otter, she was like BAM!

Holding up her furry nugget like Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog’s day.

Must I say it? Dont you already know?

Baby otters are SO MUCH CUTER (and more fun to hang with*) than babies dressed as otters!

In other news, I just found my new best friend.

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