AUSSome day!

Oh what a lovely day! Breakfast at the Little Swallow Cafe followed by a trip to Daylesford. Sure Daylesford might sound like the name of a town you go buck hunting and drink Natty Lite on an innertube (not specifically on a river), but you would be wrong. Its known as the spa capital of Australia and less known for their incredible collection of weird erotic puppy statues.

We went to their famous Mill which is basically a humungous warehouse of vintage goods, so I was in Heaven (obvi). Got some cool finds but they were gifts so my lips are sealed. Unless of course I’m at Breakfast and Beer and then I will eat everything in sight. YUM.

Next stop, the Chocolate Mill. I got everything from cardamom disks to ganache filled echidnas. I recommend this place unless you are a recovered chocoholic and fear relapse. I have yet to hit my rock bottom, so back off.

This is also the place that Limp Bizkit decided to name their 3rd album.

The day rounded out by Cec and I heading into Melbourne for the Comedy Festival and saw David O’Doherty who was both hysterical and adorable (calm down Seth).

Here’s Cecily in the Forum post show, which also included fried eggplant and other pre-diet-as-soon-as-I-touch-the-States goodness.


One Response to “AUSSome day!”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Cec looks divine!

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