The secret word of the day is….. BENDER!

A few weeks ago I went to L.A. to see Peewee’s Playhouse live with Maegan, hang out with my heterosexual lifepartner/topless tuesday co-founder Melissa, soak up the bloody marys, and be reassured that NYC is the greatest coastal metropolitan. It was a magnificent, blurry time. I bawled my eyes out when the curtain rose and I saw Chairy and the gang. I got (count em) 3 Peewee shirts, a Peewee tote, and a Peewee ring.

Unfortunately, Maegan’s camera was last seen at a dive bar on Hollywood boulevard on our last day and we lost all our pictures. However, here’s a few that were lurking on Maegan’s iphone. We got to attend a special, small Q&A after the show. Magic!

*Believe or not, I was not the creepiest fan there. Success!

**But i did manage to come home with the weird octoneck award.


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