You must be duckin crazy, baby.

Baby dressed as a duck, now while I’ll admit that your face is pretty adorable and it looks like that face was superimposed unto a duck costume (therefore, you might not have even committed this heinous impostor move), I still have to inform you that baby ducks are SO MUCH CUTER than babies dressed as ducks.

I mean check it out.

Look at all that fuzz and the ability to fit into one’s hand. That can’t be taught  baby dressed as a duck. But perhaps if you shrink you could…well fuck me sideways. You brought your older brother didn’t you?

Dear god, now I see where you get it. And a face on top of face at that. Even the costume duck face looks pissed it has to be a part of this. Now I just feel bad for you baby dressed as duck, but its not gonna soften me up. Nope, two can play at that game. You are not the only one who can roll deep. Bring out the cute crew!

Shit’s about to get serious.

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