I’m piggin out!!

The newest pet craze in the UK is, get this…. micro pigs! Ok they don’t stay as small as in the pic below, however, they may be the most adorable thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on.



The Brits are cuckoo for them, especially celebrities. In fact, the few articles I’ve seen on them have mentioned one of the owners to be Ruper Grint.


which I find interested considering he was diagnosed with swine flu earlier this year. That wizard loves him some danger.

God I want one. He can be best friends with my future Brussels Griffon & hedgehog.

The point I’m trying to make is clearly this…

Baby pigs are so much CUTER than babies dressed as pigs. Don’t even try baby dressed as pig. Quit your bacon fakin, it ain’t cute.


What are you clapping about?!? You lost, baby dressed as pig. I’m pretty sure your “hooves” just look like two more snouts.

Hell, I’m not gonna lie, baby dressed as pig, you’ve got less of a shot than puppy dressed as pig.


One Response to “I’m piggin out!!”

  1. Kirby! Says:

    Holy shit…. too much cute to handle…. CUTE…. OVERLOAD…. AAAAAAH!!!

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