Sea for Yourself.

If i had 3 wishes, wait… if I had 20 wishes, one of them would be that Sea Monkeys were real. I had a tank when i was little, and, sure, the little brine shrimp swan around and survived a few weeks. But I want the little family they advertise!


And look at all the fun accesory foods they have now to give your little universe.



I would love to get up in the morning, sleepy as can be, and see Dad Monkey getting ready for work as Mom Monkey makes everybody pancakes. Or the whole crew in the bleachers at Son Monkeys monkeyball game. Ohh and what about when Dad Monkey starts mysteriously staying at his job at the SeaMonkey Inc. a little later than normal and Mom Monkey notices his new secretary has a rather adorable & young voice when she answers his phone. Or Son Monkey quits the monkeyball team and starts coming home later than normal and scarfing down all the banana treat desserts… or… how about I need to pay my cable bill and get it reinstalled. I’m going insane.


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