Woops, I went on a bender and forgot to blog.

Here it is monday, and I finally have a chance to post for the first time since last Thursday (gah!).

Ok, this weekend was cracra. Friday night I attended the long awaited art opening of my good friend Rusel Parish entitled “The Cult of Michael Jackson” (www.thecultofmichaeljackson.org). Rus is obsessed with MJ and has labored for the last two years to make dozens of paintings, candles, even chocolate figures in the King of Pop’s honor. That’s right, two years. Meaning he has had this in the works long before the funeral. In fact, the show was booked way in advance and Rus found out about MJ’s death on his honeymoon in Tahiti.

Here are a few photos that do not give the evening or Rus’s mad skills justice whatsoever.


Here are Rus and his new bride Lex high fiving within the craziness. Those are the Cult Scriptures that he wrote behind him.


Getting interviewed for the billionth time. This guy is about to blow up. A certain uber famous director called Rus during the opening requesting a private showing, but I’m going to “do the right thing” *wink* and not name drop.



Here is Jess standing standing above her awesome MJ cake she made for Rus…( although, sadly, i was too busy shlepping around midtown in the pouring rain for the dumbest audition ever to get there in time to get a slice) I met Jess at R&L’s weekend in Nebraska earlier this summer and she’s a peach. I am now obsessed with her blog picturesofcake.blogspot.com .


The after party was a blast, as expected. We rocked silver gloves and drank too much and danced like mad. Did I mention that some obsessed MJ fans/impersonators who were in high school showed up and stayed the whole time at the gallery and then afterparty? Yes, they drove in from Jersey and a very kind mother of theres sat in the car the whole time as they relished in all the MJ tunes.

But let’s be honest, I schooled those bitches when “Thriller” came on.

Saturday, I met the lovely ladies of Cudzoo for our Ars Nova orientation for ANT Fest which we will be performing in November (more on that later but its gonna be bad ass)….

this was followed by cocktails…. fried squash… hugging Jess who’s been gone for a month for a good hour… then seeing Erin in the play,


its a weird mix of the choreography from the movie “Rocky” but the dialogue of interviews and stories captured from Philadelphia citizens. All that i know was that Erin was Apollo Creed. Yes, Apollo Creed. American flag shorts and all. Amazing.

Jess, Beaux, and I all approved.



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