EKA is moving to nyc!

My roomate of all four years in college has wisened up and decided she needs to live in New York (if even for just a hot minute). And I, for one, cannot wait. She came to visit this past weekend and I hadn’t seen her since we adventured around Bali last September. Heres a refresher of how awesome she is, seen here on her last Balinese sunset…


We hung out with old friends, took a ghetto limo to gay bars, racked up a huge bill at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill which was then comped (god bless that poor waiter forgetting to put our oder in for 2 hours), went to Coney Island for some baseball and skeeball (America’s real past time).

Here’s us at the Cyclones game:


and then me, ever the lady, delicately enjoying a caramel apple.


**For an entire year of college, Erika and I used to break out an fully choreographed dance to “Bombs Over Baghdad” whenever it was played at a party. This could get silly.


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