All Points West

Coming off my writing vacay… I took the LIRR from Southampton straight to Penn station straight to Jersey city to the All Points West Festival with my gals Maegan and Allison.

It started out a little ruff. It was a trek to get there, then when we did it was ALL mud.


I was busy looking at this guy’s sexy undergarments when a muddy beachball hit me in the tummy and ruined my dress..


but things turned up! First, Maegan sneakily surprised me with a purty necklace to take my mind off my mud debacle….

Then, We saw the Black Keys, MGMT, Echo and the Bunnymen and capped off the night with Coldplay. In “The 40 Year Old Virgin” there’s a line that goes a lil’ sumpin like “You know how I know you’re gay? Because you like Coldplay”.

Well if that’s true, consider me a fannypack full’o’dicks cause I’m gay gay for Coldplay. Their show was beautiful…


THEN! Just when we thought the show was done, they pop up 15 yards away from of on a tiny stage to do an acoustic set which including a cover of ‘Billie Jean’


It was almost as exciting as the jalapeno veggie corn dog I had just inhaled.


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