im back!

Oh loyal blog readers, I’ve missed each and every 9 of you. My apologies for the lack of updates, I was out of town last week without access to the internet. where is this ridiculous place that wouldn’t let me have any face to facebook time ? squashed my drooling over food blogs? got all up in my space but wouldnt let me return the favor?

Why I was attending the South Hampton Screenwriting Conference at Stonybrook University. It was fantastic! We had lectures conducted by everyone from Peter Hedges (What’s eating Gilbert Grape?) to Alec Baldwin (What’s Alec Baldwin not Eating?)

The sustainable campus is beautiful…


my firecracker for a teacher wrote one of my favorite movies from childhood..


(which means she, alone, is responsible for “Ruf-i-oohhhhhh!”)

and i just enjoyed four days of my sole responsibility being to soak up a bunch of knowledge and write, write, write.


One Response to “im back!”

  1. Andy Gleaner Says:

    1) I’m your tenth reader
    2) omfg Hook is awesome

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