callin’ all colin fans..

we had a final kickball game for our dear friend who is saying “F* you new york, hello sweet life in coloradao” Ladies and gentlemen,… mister colin weeks. colin has been our kickball organizer for the last four years. i first met colin at a halloween kickball game my first month in nyc when i came dressed as Jabba the Slut. (un)fortunately..i do not have those puics, but here are some from sunday. a day filled with 40s, 3 games, touch football, grilled fake meats, and hilarity.



Pyramids! this preceeding me have too many beers and wanting to organize a full blown basket toss. hello cheerleader!


paul put sparklers in his visor which set his hair on fire. MJ homage?


the pale monster, aka seth, made the game wining catch. this man is terrifying on the diamond.

6451_1171460403208_1128934209_516854_1083552_njacob is back from his stint in budapest, as gay as the day is long.

and a team photo!


in the words of sandra d, colin you better get a dope ass house that’ll fit a whole kickball team in it. god speed!


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