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Album Release Party

June 17, 2009

Saturday at midnight, after a run of shows at Sketchfest, the finale of the my crazy week capped off with the greatest band ever’s show at Arlene’s Grocery!


my band CUDZOO & the FAGGETTES!!

thanks to everyone who came out and supported. man, there were a lot of you. next stop.. cudzoo takes Japan!


a special Big Kiss to Brian and Robbie for making us glitter bazookas. and a BIG UPS to Schaffer & the Darklords for letting us share the bill and for just being fuckin rad.


if all rodents…

June 16, 2009

looked like this ninja hamster with a piece of dry spaghetti.. i would reconsider the war ive waged on tiny furry things.


that face is killing me.

mp3 experiment

June 16, 2009

around minute 3, grace michelle and i are straight jammin.

June 11, 2009

yes, shia, yes yes.. thats it….. now lets try a ‘who farted?’ face… oh my god yes…. yes… i smell a cover!

and a fart.

June 10, 2009


recession buster

June 10, 2009




June 9, 2009


seitan tacos from the taco truck.


to go margaritas from the turkeys nest


a new friend names wiggles

a huge craft fair with a new necklace shaped like america

and a midnight game of wiffle ball

adds up to a near perfect saturday.

i fell in <3 this weekend

June 8, 2009

i know, i am obsessed with brussels griffon and french bulldogs and chihuahuas.. but there is a new pup in town. i saw a dog that looks like a tiny bear. i rushed home to google it and apparently is was just a ridiculous pomerian. just like the one fran drescher has


OH my god. so sweet. and being that my laptop is still broken, someone in the coffee shop just witnessed me google image “fran drescher’s dog”

i am almost as embarrassed as this bear in wisconsin who got his head stuck in this pot over the weekend.

Bear in Feeder

he was so emBEARassed, he couldnt show his face. no, he literally could not show his face.

no contest

June 5, 2009

baby raccoons are cuter than babies dressed as raccoons.


June 5, 2009