Goats are so hot right now

So the story goes, a wild goat wandered on to a battlefield during  the American War of Independence and ended up leading the regiment. Since 1844 with Queen Victoria, there has been a Royal goat presented by the sovereign.

Meet Lance Corporal William Windsor, the current Royal Goat. but yesterday he retired with a big to do ceremony.


“The regimental goat is considered a full member of the battalion. He marches in front of the Battalion on all ceremonial duties and is much loved by all ranks.”

Look at him giving orders below. Sticking his tongue out like Michael Jordan going for a dunk, what a character!


with the position open, its only makes sense to create “Wales’ Next Top Goat”. It will have all the makings of any other reality competition show:


the slut


twins (bitchy twins)


the ugly underdog


everyones favorite


and of course alliances (they call themselves the “wrecking crew”)

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