s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y! grace!

this saturday was splendid. both weather and company. grace and michelle and i (vlog vixens of mydamnchannel.com)


**michelle does not normally look that mean.. see!


attended the improv everywhere MP3 experiment on roosevelt island. yeah, apparently there is an island that the F train runs to. oh new york! you never run out of surprises.

now my track record with IE can always get me in sticky situations, during “no pants subway ride 06” my friend i went with was arrested and a couple people from Current TV followed me as I attempted to find her. During the Grand Central 5 minute freeze I officially picked up my ticket to hell as i didnt move when in old man WITH A WALKER needed to use the handrail i was blocking. his expresssion is burned into my brain.

but this, i am happy to report, went off without a hitch. we played freeze tag! had an epic battle! killed a wolf! the discovery of how badly two t shirts over a dress looks! spontaneously napped! all with a couple thousand new yorkers who just wanted a weird and fun experience.


the evening was rounded out by thai food, a UCB show, and watching one of my all time favorite movies “Adventures of Babysitting” with Mr. Randy Pearlstein.


**** ever wonder why the older brother who is awkward and develops crushes looks so familiar? umm because he’s the older awkard brother who develops crushes in THIS babysitter movie too..


the mystery is done, dude.


One Response to “s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y! grace!”

  1. Jacob Says:

    That sweet little old man… “excuse me, please. I have to get up the stairs!”

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