Sweet jesus! well, actually, Savory Jesus!

A NY couple say they’ve found Jesus — inside a bag of Cheetos. The so-called “Cheesus” popped out of a snack bag the two bought while on a road trip.


oh please, i once had a sun chip that looked like the last supper and they all cried blood.  you didnt see me trying to sell it on ebay. step it up ny couple!


One Response to “Sweet jesus! well, actually, Savory Jesus!”

  1. Cheesus Says:

    What it be like, nigs? It’s ya boy in the mufuckin spot. Cheesus. You know what it is, just chillin with my drank and spliff, tryna save or bless a btch. Keepin in mufuckin cheeeeesie fa’reasie…ho.

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