umm, is fun on that list? because i found it.

my friend dan brennan turned thirty a few weekends ago. despite his old age, he still had the wits about him to create an intense, creative, rambunctious scavenger hunt around manhattan for his friends to enjoy.

about 30 folks met and were greeted with dougnuts, coffee and baileys on a saturday morning. from there he divided us into teams of folks we didnt know, each chose a captain (me but of course!), gave us the list of things to scavege and we set off.

2 hours and a buzz later , we met back up at ace bar to project the photos and determine a winner..

here are some of the the tasks my team kicked ass at:

baptism in public fountain


stage a protest


surfing (the tide, hello pun!)


a modern interpretation of a spider web


the final task was to show up at the bar on time and in a team costume..

(we were the california raisins…)


and due to another team getting a penalty for being late… (ahem, maegan, ahem) WE TOOK HOME THE GOLD!!

**dan is pictured below with guitar. he is in a band called uncle monsterface ( who rocks out with puppets galore. you should probably go see them whenever you can**



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