after an evening of drinking guiness, I woke up to find the greatest news about my favorite guiness book of world records holder, Steve Wiebe. He’s back on top!!

Claiming the Donkey Kong Jr title. Go suck on some hot sauce Billy Mitchell!!

Below is a picture of me and the Wiebe…


you cant see from the photo but i made a tag of his face with “WieBelieve!” under it. sprayed it on tshirts and wore it that day and brought him one.. the host of the event caught wind of it and presented it to him referncing me as the President of the Steve Wiebe fan club. my all time nerdiest moment!

last year around this time, my good friend Doug was the Guiness book of World Record Judge ( i think thers 11 in existence) who headed up the video games department. he was kind enough to take me , the boyfriend, and my fellow finger moustache toter maegan along to Fun Spot in Vermont for the Twin Galaxies annual tournament (if you have no idea what im talking about.. rent “King Of Kong” right now and you will realize the excitement that i was containing). it was amazing!

i became obsessed with taking the Qbert title (the current holder is like 85 so i will have my day) and maegan and i spent about $200 on skeeball. it was rough, we didnt leave with a Guiness plaque, but we did reach our goal….




One Response to “WIEBELIEVE!”

  1. keithhuang Says:

    i lurve dat movies

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